Your chimney should cleaned every one to two years of use.

Do you smell smokey odors? This could also indicate your chimney needs a cleaning.

Just an eighth of an inch of buildup in creosote, a by-product of burning wood, means a chimney cleaning or sweeping is needed. The build-up occurs when smoke from the burning wood passes through the chimney, cooling down and solidifying.

4 Seasons Professional Chimney Service technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) in all of the latest and best chimney cleaning techniques. We do our work with brushes and other tools specially designed to remove creosote.

A clean chimney is a more efficient chimney, and more  important, a safer chimney. Creosote can restrict the exit of flue gases and may pose a fire hazard. After a cleaning, drafting in a chimney is improved and lighting is easier and burning better and cleaner.

Whatever your chimney cleaning need, 4 Seasons Professional Chimney Service can handle your job.